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Kansas City native coined by the media as the "Steve Jobs of Weed" KC Stark has worked across the nation with entrepreneurs, advocates, politicians, doctors, patients, and farmers to create reliable cannabis markets since 2009.  


KC Stark has owned and operated medical cannabis, adult use cannabis and hemp operations in multiple states. He has received national recognition for cannabis patients, doctors, business men and women.


"KC Stark and his business planning experience was critical to the successful launch of Wagon Hill Medical Marijuana Dispensary." states former Jackson County Republican Committee Chairman, Mark Anthony Jones, and newly licensed medical marijuana dispensary holder (2019.) "His depth of knowledge allowed Wagon Hill Dispensary to fast-track decision making, rapidly prepare business plans, develop brand strength with networks, and supply an absurd abundance of legal cannabis business standards related to opening and operating a legal cannabis facility."


90-Min Private Consulting and Planning.


  • May be divided into two 45-Min sessions.
  • May be done in person or via business conference.
  • Client may invite anyone on their team to the private consulting sessions.


Join the "Steve Jobs of Weed" and learn step by step to plan your success.

Private Consulting: Marijuana Business Planning with KC Stark

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