New Business License Opportunities for Hospitality and Consumption Lounges 2020

Want to join the cannabis business revolution? If so, 2020 offers tremendous potential for American entrepreneurs that have never existed before "from sea to shining sea."

Want to open a consumption lounge or hospitality business? Now you least in Colorado.

House Bill 1230 went into effect as of January 1st, 2020 and is defined as such:

Marijuana - hospitality establishments - retail hospitality spaces and sales establishments - marijuana hospitality establishment licensing - rules - appropriation.

Subject to approval by both the state and local licensing authorities, the act authorizes marijuana hospitality spaces (hospitality spaces) in which medical and retail marijuana may be consumed on-site and retail marijuana hospitality and sales establishments in which retail marijuana, retail marijuana concentrate, and retail marijuana products may be sold and consumed on-site.

Subject to local approval, the act authorizes a retail food establishment to apply for a marijuana hospitality establishment license for a specified portion of the retail food establishment but prohibits an entity from having both a marijuana hospitality establishment license and a liquor license for the same premises.

The act establishes requirements and prohibitions for the new hospitality spaces and requires the state licensing authority to promulgate rules governing the new marijuana hospitality establishment licenses and hospitality spaces.

The act makes smoking marijuana in the hospitality spaces an exception to the "Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act".

For the 2019-20 state fiscal year, the act appropriates $399,479 from the marijuana cash fund to the department of revenue to implement the act.

This is perhaps that last great wall to fall in pursuit of ending prohibition and treating cannabis consumers with the same equality that we treat those that consume wine or beer.

Is your state is behind the times or is your market saturated with multi-state operators? If so, this is a massive opportunity for those willing to invest in Colorado - and an example for other states to follow.

America's Original Cannabis Club Studio A64 was launched in 2013 in Colorado Springs and the 1st in the nation to receive a cannabis club license in over 80-years.
It is still operational and was 7-years ahead of the markets.

Studio A64 was the most challenging and most personally rewarding business operation of my life - so far. We as Americans have demanded cannabis liberties - and yet are not treated as equal.

Twice Studio A64 was challenged by local authorities including the mayor - we faced down cease and desist orders, marched on city hall, and demanded that if it's constitutional - we must be treated as equal. The need for a safe place for adults to gather and consume cannabis as others do wine, bread, and beer seemed obvious to us.

That battle began in 2013 and finally offers a new beginning for those wanting to pursue new business opportunities or simply consume as equals.

How to Open a Cannabis Club? Demand it is my suggestion...we made this song up in the Studio in an impromptu jam.

Please endure my rusty voice...

One of our promo first videos...

The fight for due process and equality in front of City Hall after cease and desist orders.

KC Stark and Studio A64 win the appeal to become America's 1st licensed brick and mortar government-sanctioned Cannabis Club. Read below.

Want to open your own cannabis lounge or consumption club? Contact us today.

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