MO News Flash 💥 House Votes to Lift Caps on Facility Licenses!

This could be huge for patients, operators, applicants and local tax collections.

On first read the vote would appear to rescind the total caps 🧢 in 19 CSR (192) (86) (60) but retains the caps total caps 🧢 on ownerships rights (11.)

  • To become law, it must pass senate and the governor’s signature.

These are unique times - and unique historical opportunit.

  • Please contact your local house and senate representatives today.

  • They are at likely sitting at home or on Facebook.

  • Legislative session ends in 9 days.

  • Missouri, this is a second chance. Take it...

Here are the best ways to find and contact your Missouri elected officials:

Please share, care, and contact your local house and senate representative.

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