KC City Council Sets Zoning Rules

Breaking news: Kansas City City Council decided today on what will likely lay the groundwork for a bustling medical marijuana market in the KC metropolitan area - or invite federal authorities into the Missouri marketplace to enforce the drug free zone laws (1,000 ft - as the crow fly.)

  • Schools: 750 ft buffer zone

  • Churches and Day Cares: 300 ft buffer zone

Even after 10 years in the legal marijuana markets, I could never recommend any marijuana op in a DFZ less than 1,000 ft. My recommendation, beware what you ask for.

And read this one more time...

" The United States Congress has supplemented the core offenses under the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. ' 841) with several additional offenses carrying increased maximum penalties, when the crimes are committed under certain specified circumstances. For example section 21 U.S.C.'860 provides that the penalties for manufacturing, distributing, and possessing with intent to distribute are doubled or tripled when the offense is committed within a specified distance of a school or other facility regularly used by children. Under Federal law the affected areas can include illegal federal drug sales on, or within one thousand feet of, real property comprising a public or private elementary, vocational, or secondary school or a public or private college, junior college, or university, or a playground, or housing facility owned by a public housing authority, or within 100 feet of a public or private youth center, public swimming pool, or video arcade facility."

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