Job: $100k Cultivation Kansas City

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

As Missouri prepares for the next phase of legalization of medical marijuana, history is repeating. Jobs, jobs, jobs.

Recently, Clovr released a job posting for Director of Cultivation. This is just the beginning of what will be a 12-24 month cycle of rapid and aggressive expansion as local and national brands start positioning for release of the DHSS application guidelines.

It may seem new in Missouri - but it's all mostly déjà vu.

This is highly predictable as are are the upcoming rules. Recent 'draft rules' released by the DHSS mimic closely what we've seen with clients in CO, WA, OR and AZ.

Experience would suggest that preparing now in advance of the DHSS August 3rd 'begin' date, may lead to a winning application. If you're waiting for the 'draft rules' to start your business appications - you're likely going to be far behind. For over a decade, our masterminds have been helping to write cannabis law across the nation from Alaska to Florida. You should be preparing now. Business plans. Real estate validation. Corporate structure, SOP, ISO standards, background checks, financial 'viability' plans, community impact statements, EINs, contracting ancillary affiliations for service solutions and much more.

Join the masterminds. Start now. Win later. It's like a chess match. Let's play.

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