Fees: Missouri Medical Marijuana Business License Applications

Missouri's DHSS mandatory fee structure for dispensary, cultivation, infused products manufacturing has generated more than $3.1M in the first 60 days of 2019.

How much does a Missouri's Medical Marijuana Business Licenses Cost?

  • Patient state fee is $25 per year

  • Cultivation fees: $10,000 apply, then $25,000 annually

  • Infused-products fees: $6,000 apply, then $10,000 annually

  • Dispensary fees: $6,000 apply, then $10,000 annually

Under Amendment 2 the DHSS must award a minimum of:

  • 192 dispensary licenses, (24 per each of Missouri's 8 congressional districts)

  • 61 cultivation licenses and

  • 82 infused-product manufacturer licenses.

  • Amendment 2 also calls for 2 Missouri licensed testing facilities.

  • Amendment 2 also calls for transportation (but is vague on details.)

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