DHSS: How to Apply for Your Facility License

Breaking news: sample forms and seed to sale tracking applications released.

How to Apply - Facility Information

Sample Facility Application

Sample Seed to Sale Application

Sample Ownership Structure Form

DHSS will begin accepting applications for cultivation, manufacturing, dispensary, testing, transportation, seed-to-sale licenses and certifications on Aug. 3, 2019. For cultivation, manufacturing, dispensary and testing facilities, DHSS will accept such applications from Aug. 3, 2019, until close of business on Aug. 17, 2019.

Per state statute

“No person shall carry on, conduct or transact a business under a name which contains as part of the name the words "pharmacist", "pharmacy", "apothecary", "apothecary shop", "chemist shop", "drug store", "druggist", "drugs", "consultant pharmacist", or any word of similar or like import, unless the place of business is supervised by a licensed pharmacist." 

Additional information can be found at Chapter 338.260.

Facility License Application Questions and Scoring Criteria

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