DHSS: Medical Marijuana Business Licenses Fees Filed by District

The future is bright for Missouri based on the response for licensing fee payments filed and numbers released by the DHSS.

  • Cultivation Facilities Application Fees Paid: 139

  • Dispensary Facilities Application Fees Paid: 252

  • Marijuana Infused Application Feeds Paid: 71

Dispensary Applications by District: min. 24 per district.

  • District 1: 36

  • District 2: 19

  • District 3: 39

  • District 4: 30

  • District 5: 63

  • District 6: 14

  • District 7: 35

  • District 8: 16

It is our experience and opinion that it is NOT always when one pays the licensing fees, but WHEN and HOW WELL one is prepared to submit their business licensing applications on August, 3rd, 2019.

  • By law, the DHSS has only 150 days to "approve or deny" your application.

  • By laws, the DHSS must allow anyone denied a license the right to "appeal" within 7 days. (FYI: be ready to appeal at the same time they apply.)

Advice: Prepare now using tried and true methods of success based on previous applications, states and regulations. About 90% of what is 'new' in Amendment 2 Section 1. Article XIV is a copy and paste from CO laws. It's not new us. Don't be unprepared. Start now.

Cannabis Startup Incubator offers intensive step-by-step mastermind courses for medical marijuana business licensing applications in accordance with Amendment 2 Section XIV Missouri of the Constitution.

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