DHSS: Errors on Forms Cause for Concern?

Has anyone else noticed the typos and at times unnecessary and inept inquiries on the ’final’ application questionnaire?

The DHSS has done a good job trying to get things right. But when the agency that has taken millions of dollars from citizens (aka you) in non-refundable fees, one would hope they would be at least as diligent as they expect us to be when doing their jobs.

Ex. 1. Say hello to Roman Numerals

If you’re in government, since Rome, it’s not that hard to get it right. Or is it?

  1. What comes after Roman numeral IV?

  2. Hint: it’s not VI.

  3. What comes before V?

  4. Hint: it’s not X.

If this was a bingo game, it would be funny.

It’s not. It’s the Missouri Constitution.

After owning, operating and helping to license over 100 medical and recreational facilities across America, this is absurd.

The DHSS is cool. I get it. But after asking some 118 questions, taking millions of dollars in application fees, monopolizing the game with liquid asset clauses, and licensing fees up to $25,000 - it does not bode well for the voters of Missouri that intended to have a fair and equal opportunity to access to medical marijuana and business opportunities.

Dear DHSS: call me.

More to come...

  • Big Pharma sticks hands into the pockets of medical marijuana businesses in Missouri.

  • Bait and switch raises chances of lawsuits or injunctions for the DHSS.

  • Undue burdens create added cost to medical marijuana patients in Missouri.

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