DHSS: Announces Bids for Scoring of Applications & Applicants.

Big day in Mighty MO. As owners across the state ramble and prepare of the application deadlines (August 3rd - August 17th) DHSS has announced a bid to select the judges of Missouri's future owners, operators, and business plans.

I seldom pass a blog on to another blog site, but since we're rambling and preparing business applications for our clients time is short (67 days,) a big tip of the hat to fellow local content providers worthy of note: MO Greenway and the Brandon Dunn team.

Check it out. It's a good read.

Still waiting to finish your applications? Join the marijuana masterminds, Saturday, June 15th at the Cannabis Startup Incubator in Kansas City. RSVP online. Step by step explanation on how to best comprehend and prepare your marijuana facility applications with KC Stark.

Stay vigilant. Stay informed. Be prepared. 67 days....

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