Cannabis Cannabus Cannabust: You Decide

As reported by News5, Author: PJ Randhawa

”Kidder said she was never asked to show ID or medical records. She said she answered an eight-question, generalized anxiety quiz on a tablet provided by Dr. Thomas' staffers and told to re-take it when she didn't pass the first time around. 
Kidder said she never had a one-on-one conversation with Dr. Thomas, but left the 'Cannabus' event with a diagnosis of a 'debilitating psychiatric disease' and her Physician Certification.

In September, the I-Team took their concerns and our questions to the head of Missouri's medical marijuana division, Lyndell Fraker.

Fraker viewed portions of the undercover video in which patients are being told by Dr. Thomas' staffers to "go on to the bus" for "medical grade...where you can buy your own weed."

"Anything in your possession is automatically medicine as long as you have that piece of paper," a smoke shop employee tells Kidder.

"That's not right. This is not right. This is definitely not right," said Fraker.

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