Founded by KC Stark, the Cannabis Start-Up Incubator™ is recognized as a top startup performer in America. We believe in the power of open collaboration and establishing plans and business environments that can truly have local and national impact.


Our mission is to give entrepreneurs and businesses alike the tools and guidance to build local successful companies. To achieve this, we are backed by transformational leadership and industry veterans who will help identify and pursue attractive opportunities for your long-term potential. 

KC Stark CEO

Cannabis Startup Incubator™

US Military Veteran coined by the media as the "Steve Jobs of Weed" KC Stark has worked across the nation with entrepreneurs, advocates, politicians, doctors, patients, and farmers to create reliable cannabis markets since 2009.  

KC Stark has owned and operated medical cannabis and adult-use cannabis operations in multiple states and received national recognition for cannabis patients, doctors, businessmen, and women.

On Valentine's Day 2013, KC Stark opened America's first licensed brick and mortar cannabis club, the historical StudioA64.com.  After 2 years of working with local officials, county, city, and state - The Original Cannabis Club went on to win a historical licensing approval.


KC Stark sold his interest in his medical and recreational operations to work one on one with local owners, entrepreneurs, patients, doctors, elected officials, and advocates to build the businesses of tomorrow - today.